"Fiona is a very nurturing mentor and creates a lovely safe space in which to explore the creative process unselfconsciously. I also found her advice on the practical elements of songwriting very valuable and has helped to simplify my songwriting process, where previously I was getting stuck." Nicki

"The course was fun – your notes were most helpful and your command of the English language combined with your energy made it more like an adventure than a course."
-Songwriting course participant

"I've felt stuck for ages with lots of unfinished projects. Fiona's workshop was like a breath of fresh air. Many of her ideas I hadn't tried before and I found them transforming. Afterwards, I felt completely supported, that nothing is impossible and that everything I do is part of a journey to a welcoming and beckoning destination. I can't wait to get there and nothing's going to stop me now" 
 - Kathy, Creative Workshop participant 

"The girls responded well to your positive and calm nature and as a result, gained a great deal of knowledge and had a wonderful experience...I was so pleased to see them engaged and incredibly interested" 
- Kate Benholz, Presbyterian Ladies College.

"The most enthralling thing about The Paris Paradox is the way Fiona Claire welcomes the audience into her life, making one feel as if they’re chatting with a friend... Every person who has ever felt that reality is not enough will not be disappointed with The Paris Paradox. It opens our minds and hearts, and reminds us that dreaming is okay"
 - Madeleine Rebecchi, Buzzcuts Expressmedia

"Fiona Claire understands the fears that surround the act of creating stuff. She is a singer-songwriter as well as a counsellor and is providing a workshop next Sunday, 23rd March 2013 in Northcote, to help loosen you up a little. Over two hours you will explore with her tips to unlock your own creativity and explore some of the stories we tell ourselves about the creative process."
 - Sue Stevenson,

"The songs were beautiful"  
Buzzcuts Expressmedia.

"clever musical adaptations. She's likeable and engaging" 
- John Macdonald, Herald Sun.