Creativity Coaching

Choosing to live a creative life is not always an easy path - 
but for some it is the only path.

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You may find you are:
  • Struggling to start/finish creative projects
  • Battling with conflicting needs in your life
  • Unable to find the time and energy to create the way you want
  • Afraid to share your work with others
  • Wanting to do something creative but don't know what it is or where to begin.
  • Experiencing creative blocks
  • Simply STUCK
As a Singer/Songwriter, performer, writer, and parent I have walked the walk and talked the talk as they say.  I have struggled with what it means to be an artist, the sacrifices,  the fear and the blessings.

I am also a registered counsellor specialising in self-expression as a means to build self awareness, mindfulness and relaxation techniques.  This means I am in the perfect position to be able to offer you deep personal coaching sessions that will help you to find your way through the difficulties of creating and build a path towards a meaningful, productive and authentic life.

Individual Face to Face 
1hour session.
Cost: $100 
Venue: 842 Nicholson St, North Fitzroy, VIC.
By appointment only.


1 hour session.
Cost $90
By appointment only.